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2004-08-19 16:20:32 UTC
Hi, Does anyone have a transcript of the chat from livejournal.com
with what is alleged to be comments by JKR? I read it a while ago and
now I can't access the page
(http://www.livejournal.com/community/unplottables/27500.html). IIRC,
the questions posed by the person in the mugglenet chatroom were quite
similar to the ones asked by JKR during her appearance at the
Edinburgh Book Festival. At the time, I wasn't convinced that it was
her on mugglenet, but some of the things she said in Edinburgh struck
a chord...
2004-08-19 23:04:26 UTC
Post by Chukka
Hi, Does anyone have a transcript of the chat from livejournal.com
with what is alleged to be comments by JKR? I read it a while ago and
now I can't access the page
(http://www.livejournal.com/community/unplottables/27500.html). IIRC,
the questions posed by the person in the mugglenet chatroom were quite
similar to the ones asked by JKR during her appearance at the
Edinburgh Book Festival. At the time, I wasn't convinced that it was
her on mugglenet, but some of the things she said in Edinburgh struck
a chord...
This what you mean?


A full compendium of JKR's comments and theories. . .
(Because semantics are -so- important. . .)

Theory/Observation: TONS
Characters/Artifacts: TONS
Abstract/Summary: JKR reveals theories (and more) to MuggleNet chatroom!
Evidence: On July 23rd, at 9:06 P.M. (Eastern Time), we caught our first
glimpse of what we (myself and a few others) have declared as J.K. Rowling

Signs we know (read: have a ~98% certainty factor) that this is really
J.K. Rowling:
-Her sheer persistance for discussing theory
-The fact that her IP and hostname checks out
-The fact she "backpedals" (to stay undercover) whenever someone starts
catching on to her (may not be evident in this batch of logs)
-Her ability to formulate coherent thoughts (This should not even be a
factor, but given the imposters we've seen in the past, it is)
-The fact she -NEVER- says "I am J.K. Rowling;" most imposters are usually
real willing to exclaim who they (aren't).
-The things she says. Obvious enough, right?
-A few other things we feel it is best to not mention right now. . .

Any time her IRC name is mentioned (be it through the log or someone else
saying it) it will be displayed as "[Name Edited]". This is the least I
can do to protect her identity, if in fact we -are- right.

All commentary listed in brackets ("[ ]") are -MY OWN-, and were not part
of the original log. They can be found at the end of certain lines

In general, batches occur in chronological proximity to the other batches
listed near them in this log. Batches are seperated by a blank line. For
the purposes of editing and compiling the massive #mugglenet chat log, I
defined a "batch" as a "series of chat lines referring to the same topic
and said at relatively the same time." Therefore, the batches at the top
of this file occurred closer to July 23rd than the batches at the bottom
of this file (which, incidentally, happened at around 5:00-7:00 P.M.
Eastern Time on August 6th).

Lastly, I wish to note that this log has been massively trimmed for
relevancy and ease of reading. Given the fact there are anywhere from
1800-3600 lines of chat PER HOUR, and the fact that the total length of
time [Name Edited] was in #mugglenet (in the last two weeks) is around 8
hours, there is no way I can include all 14400-28800 lines of chat and
still keep it dissectable by the theorists. I have spent four hours
triple-checking the log, making sure I did -not- leave out anything
important. As far as I can tell, I didn't.

Enjoy! =)

-Professor Glitch ErrorWeaver


* [Name Edited] has joined #mugglenet
([Name Edited]) anyone want to chat about book seven theories?

* [Name Edited] has joined #mugglenet
([Name Edited]) Hey everyone
([Name Edited]) I was reading a BBC transcript of a JKR interview just
before OOTP was released
([Name Edited]) and she says something VERY interesting in it
([Name Edited]) she says...
([Name Edited]) "There is one thing that if anyone guessed I would be
really annoyed as it is kind of the heart of it all. And it kind of
explains everything and noone's quite got there but a couple of people
have skirted it. So you know, I would be pretty miffed after 13 or 14
years of writing the books if someone just came along and said I think
this will happen in book seven. Because it is too late, I couldn't divert
now, everything has been buildi [IRC cuts off lengthy copy/pastes; I doubt
she knew that]
([Name Edited]) what do you make of that people?
([Name Edited]) one thing that was guess solves all the mysteries together
([Name Edited]) i recommend you read the interview in it's full at

([Name Edited]) she says there she's already written the final chapter of
book seven

(Cedric) it could be that he killed Vold and his scar erased..!!!!!
([Name Edited]) "and as Harry gazed at himself in the mirror, his
tearfilled eyes widened in amazement, for upon his forehead between his
locks of hair, there was no scar." THE END
(Rickmaniac) :))))
(sccerchik) lol
(Cedric) [Name Edited] we got the same idea..lol
(_Grawp_) harry would be weird without his scar
([Name Edited]) lily, she says that there is something more important than
the shape of harry's scar

([Name Edited]) what do you think is the one important thing that ties it
all together that noone's guessed?
([Name Edited]) (and please don;t say it was all a dream... JKR doesn't
write cheese)
(iamtheHBP) harry is really having a love affair with proffeser sprout?
(lily_potter_01) harry has a twin he is the goal in the burrow's atic lol

([Name Edited]) btw, I reckon Chapter 9 of GoF is VERY special
([Name Edited]) we all ought to read it again

([Name Edited]) JKR said in anohter interview back in 2001, that she had
Chapter 9 of GOF was sooooo difficult for her to write that she had to
rewrite it 1213 times, and almost considered just leaving it out and going
onto Chapter 10 with a page saying "chapter 9 was too tricky to

([Name Edited]) it means there's something in Chapter 9 that she had to
write VERY VERY carefully

(PityPat) what are you getting at [Name Edited]???
([Name Edited]) what i am saying is PityPat, that there may be a big clue
in Chapter 9 of GoF


(kookoo) bye do you keep repeating yourself [Name Edited]? [In reference
to her constant pasting of the long quote just up above]
([Name Edited]) sorry kookoo, methinks that that is probably the most
important part of any of her chats ever

* [Name Edited] has joined #mugglenet

(accio_proph) dumbledore for MoM
(accio_proph) dumbledore for MoM
(accio_proph) dumbledore for MoM
(accio_proph) dumbledore for MoM
(accio_proph) dumbledore for MoM
([Name Edited]) there's an interesting idea.. Dumbledore for Minister of

([Name Edited]) Rumour has it that Voldemort is initially planning
European domination

([Name Edited]) Does anyone know the story of the Prince and the Pauper?

([Name Edited]) Who were the first Princes of Rome?

([Name Edited]) it is but the essence that fails...

([Name Edited]) why did Dumbledore have a look of triumph when Harry told
him Voldemort used his blood to overcome the barrier he had of touching
Harry? Do I smell a conspiracy??????

(parvatipatil) Do you think anyone from Gryffindor will join the Dark
([Name Edited]) they already have
([Name Edited]) how about Ron turning evil?

([Name Edited]) JKR reckons that harry will get upto some more kissing in
the next book, who's it going to be?
([Name Edited]) methinks Ginny
([Name Edited]) Ginny resembles Lily
([Name Edited]) Harry resembles James...

([Name Edited]) there's several things that need resolving regarding harry
and voldemort
([Name Edited]) 1) what is their REAL link?
([Name Edited]) 2) What the heck does the scar ACTUALLY signify?
([Name Edited]) 3) Do both have to die or have we read the Prophecy wrong?
([Name Edited]) 4) Now that Voldemort can touch Harry, what is JKR going
to use that to show us?
([Name Edited]) and finally..
([Name Edited]) 5) what is so special about Harry's eyes?

([Name Edited]) do you guys find that most of JKR's names for new things
she introduces make inexplicable sense? like you've known it all along?
(emily) what do you mean [Name Edited]?
([Name Edited]) like pensieve for example
([Name Edited]) it's a word that doesnt exist
([Name Edited]) but it make so much sense

(Kallee) [Name Edited]: did you notice that she uses the reference of the
peniseve to explain the 'time' room in the DoM
([Name Edited]) realy?
(Kallee) hmmm
(Kallee) give me a few seconds and I'll have the quotes for you [Name
([Name Edited]) ok thanks Kallee
([Name Edited]) hmmmn
(Kallee) [Name Edited]: "Then he remembered: It was a little like the
lights he had seen in his dream last night, the lights in the second room
he had walked through [the time room, the one ginny liked so much] on his
journey through the Department of Mysteries. He turned around. The light
was coming form the Pensieve sitting on Snape's desk."
(padfoot17) me too
([Name Edited]) wow
([Name Edited]) thanx
(Kallee) np
(Verdome) room full of memories
(Verdome) from the modification of memories perchance?
([Name Edited]) hmmmn
([Name Edited]) memories
([Name Edited]) but what sort of memories?
(Kallee) well, Verdome, it was the Time room, so the pensieve would have
more to do with time

([Name Edited]) is there a room where people talk about stuff related to
HP and not gibber endlessly like a pack of monkeys? [HAHAHAHA]

([Name Edited]) Lupin is Halfblood [She loves saying this in the chat. .

([Name Edited]) if any point DD dies, it'll probably be in the 7th book

([Name Edited]) she said on her site she and Madam Trelawney had chosen
the wording for the Prophecy very carefully
([Name Edited]) which more than likely means there's a meaning to it which
we haven't worked out
([Name Edited]) and it makes it obvious to us that either has to die

([Name Edited]) but what do you think will happen regarding snape?
([Name Edited]) is she trying to make us think that he's a good guy when
he's actually evil?

(SpongeBob) [laughs] [Name Edited] ur a moron [...I just thought that was

([Name Edited]) the one thing that has bugged me so much
([Name Edited]) since OOTP
([Name Edited]) is why would she kill sirius off, after spending the whole
of Azkaban writing about him??

([Name Edited]) ok, JK said in a recent chat that it's not the SHAPE of
Harry's scar that is important, but something else is important.... What
could it be????????
([Name Edited]) is that the only thing that makes his scar important?
([Name Edited]) she said this AFTER OOTP came out btw
([Name Edited]) which makes me think there might be something else about
the scar

([Name Edited]) one more thing, what is DD talking about when he tells
VOldemort "There are many things worse than death Tom"
(Korpiklaani) soul sucked out by dementor maybe?
([Name Edited]) yeah that ought to be one
([Name Edited]) or is what harry is going to experience worse than death?
(Korpiklaani) and i think also forced intercourse with grawp is worse than

(Veneficus) I want to know where you read that she said "He's dead and he
won't come back"
([Name Edited]) he probably will communicate with harry
([Name Edited]) i'll try and find it veneficus
([Name Edited]) but
([Name Edited]) I distinctly remember it in the news
([Name Edited]) a year before OOTP came out
([Name Edited]) while she was writing it [She never did find it.]

([Name Edited]) is it possible JK's tricked everyone into thinking harry
and/or voldemort HAS to die?
([Name Edited]) after all she did say that she and Madame Trelawney had
worded the Prophecy very carefully

([Name Edited]) you know how Ron's random Predictions sometimes end up
coming true...
([Name Edited]) well, in GoF he says "someone harry considers a friend
will betray him"

([Name Edited]) did bellatrix actually kill sirius though???

([Name Edited]) i'm willing to bet that JK visited this place at least
once or twice after she announced the title of book 6

([Name Edited]) JK would never admit she was JK on here
([Name Edited]) and she's probably show a surprising amount of knowledge
on whatever the random topic is being discussed
([Name Edited]) even if it IS spongebob squarepants

* [Name Edited] has joined #mugglenet
** At least ten lines of random chat **
([Name Edited]) Good Day people
** At least twelve more lines of random chat **
([Name Edited]) gets ignored completely again... [hahaha.]

([Name Edited]) LUPIN IS THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE [Much more blatant; it came
very early in the [Name Edited] saga, back when noone realized [Name
Edited] could be/is JKR]

([Name Edited]) Percy jumps into the lake and pulls Ron out, looking very
pale, when Harry brings him back
([Name Edited]) seems like he really cares
([Name Edited]) but in OOTP, he couldnt give a damn
([Name Edited]) Imperius Curse anyone?

([Name Edited]) yeah, I wonder what name JK would come online under
next... [*snort*]

([Name Edited]) WHY KILL SIRIUS AFTER WRITING a whole book about him??????
([Name Edited]) (i.e. PoA)
([Name Edited]) she said Sirius wont come back from the dead
([Name Edited]) that once the character is gone, he's gone
([Name Edited]) but to base a whole book on Sirius
([Name Edited]) to make out he's actually really important
([Name Edited]) and may be heavily involved in the outcome of the series
([Name Edited]) and then to go and kill him off
([Name Edited]) there has to be a pretty good reason..
([Name Edited]) ?

([Name Edited]) JKR has said in an interview clearly, that once her
character was killed off, there was no way he/she was coming back
([Name Edited]) this was in the run up to OOTP's release


(Phlox) petter pettigrew is going to die saving harry
([Name Edited]) pettigrew's new silver hand is AWFUL STRONG

([Name Edited]) draco's going to be murderous because his father's been
put into azkaban

([Name Edited]) and why did Lily "needn't have died"????
([Name Edited]) Voldemort says "she needn't have died"
([Name Edited]) why does he say that?
(LadyBlack) yeah why does he say that??!?!?!
(LadyBlack) he had some meeeercy.....
(LadyBlack) oooodddd
([Name Edited]) yeah
([Name Edited]) or is there another mysterious reason LB?

([Name Edited]) Ron and Hermione = Head Boy and Head Girl in book 7?

([Name Edited]) I reckon Harry might go the Ginny way
([Name Edited]) purely based on that one glint fron Ron at the end of OOTP
([Name Edited]) but he probably wont last too long with it

(sirius) ron and HErmione will GET IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!
([Name Edited]) AND MORE
([Name Edited]) Q: Is it just me, or was something going on between Ron
and Hermione during the last half of Goblet of Fire?
([Name Edited]) A: "Yes, something's "going on," but Ron doesn't realize
it yet. Typical boy." From a BarnesandNoble.com chat with JK Rowling [OH

([Name Edited]) READ THIS
([Name Edited]) Couric: "Any snogging with Hermione?"
([Name Edited]) "Harry and Hermione are very platonic [platonic means
nonsexual] friends. But I won't answer for anyone else. Nudge, nudge,
wink, wink." From a National Press Club Luncheon chat with JK Rowling,
October 1999)

(SiriusBlackJr) bellitrix is the queen in the 1 book chess game the one
that got ron as knight so it is foreshadowing to rons death by bellitrix
the queen of the deatheaters
([Name Edited]) yeah siriusblackjr
([Name Edited]) that could be it
([Name Edited]) but ron got injured in book 1 by the queen
([Name Edited]) then did harry go on to win the chess game?
([Name Edited]) Harry took the victory for their side in the overall
scheme of things

([Name Edited]) harry's strength it bravery
([Name Edited]) and sacrifice
(Mag) I I have a feeling that the love thing is to lead us off of what the
real power Harry holds to finnally kill Voldy
([Name Edited]) he'd sacrifice a fair bit to save his friends
([Name Edited]) hopefully you're right Mag
([Name Edited]) I'm really counting on JKR to give us an ending that noone
([Name Edited]) and that is actually better than just harry dying, or
voldemort dying
([Name Edited]) or everyone dying
([Name Edited]) or both dying

([Name Edited]) if you read that chat, JKR gives full answers to all the
questions she gets
([Name Edited]) apart from the ONE question where they ask her what Lupin
([Name Edited]) all she replies to that is "Half Blood"
([Name Edited]) and goes straight onto the next question

([Name Edited]) JKR said clearly in her most recent chat Lupin IS HALF
([Name Edited]) she didnt say anymore on that at all
([Name Edited]) that was before she released the title
([Name Edited]) someone asked her on world book day chat

([Name Edited]) http://www.theleakycauldron.org/JKRWorldBookDay2004.html
([Name Edited]) did you get this site?
([Name Edited]) the full chat is on that site
([Name Edited]) and it has some interesting stuff
([Name Edited]) it happened in MArch of this year
([Name Edited]) so it's definitely worth reading through
([Name Edited]) BOYS AND GIRLS
([Name Edited]) here we hav eit
([Name Edited]) Siriusstar: Is Remus a pureblood?
([Name Edited]) JKR > Half Blood.

([Name Edited]) check this
([Name Edited]) http://www.mugglenet.com/jkrwbd.shtml
([Name Edited]) Josh from Cottenham Village College: Right at the
beginning, when Voldermort tried to kill Harry, how did Voldermort and
Harry both survive?
([Name Edited]) JK Rowling replies > That is the crucial and central
question and if I answered it there would be hardly any point writing
books six and seven... so I won't!

([Name Edited]) she says the shape of the scar is not the most important
thing about it, but something else is.... WHAT IS IT?

([Name Edited]) Do you all know why JKR was in here?
([Name Edited]) I reckon she wanted to see if anyone had been clever
enough to figure out her overall plot
([Name Edited]) she was asking about Book 7 theories when she came in
([Name Edited]) but people ignored it

([Name Edited]) were you guys here when I posted that bit of JKR's chat
that intrigued me?
([Name Edited]) a few hours ago
([Name Edited]) hope noone will mind if I paste it on here one more time..
astes it again]
([Name Edited]) she reads forums now and then
(parvatipatil) yea she does
([Name Edited]) and probably comes on here when people aren't swearing
(parvatipatil) well [Name Edited]....she probably just put in an
unguessable twist
([Name Edited]) hmm
([Name Edited]) I reckon there's probably enough in the 1st 5 books to
make a very good educated guess as to the overall outcome

([Name Edited]) this was a year ago
([Name Edited]) and now we have OOTP

(parvatipatil) i mean, i've seen so many people's theories, and some of
them are really good, quite genius if i must say
([Name Edited]) indeed

([Name Edited]) if i was writing, and had some free time, I'd want to know
what the general public thought if they had managed to figure out my
storyline or if I still had them bamboozled
([Name Edited]) so JKR's probably had a good sift through popular forums
([Name Edited]) on theories
(Narcissa_M) hehe
([Name Edited]) apparently when she came on this chat, she was interested
in talking about HP theories?

([Name Edited]) but i'm glad that noone's apparently worked it out yet

([Name Edited]) Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore now THAT is a HUGE
anagram waiting to be solved..... any takers???

(Visitor) are there any rumors about when book 6 will be released?
([Name Edited]) visitor, methinks next summer

([Name Edited]) JKR quotes: JKR (Lupin is) half blood.... JKR I absolutely
love Professor Lupin
(LadyBlack_TDM) er
(parvatipatil) really?
(parvatipatil) thats interesting
([Name Edited]) yeah
([Name Edited]) indeed it is...


Amendment #1: On August 5th, I private messaged her. Here is the
transcript of our chat.

[20:48:18] (ProfGlitch) hmm. tell me something.
[20:48:26] (Name-Edited-Out) yes?
[20:48:45] (ProfGlitch) how knowledgable are you with computer stuffs
[20:49:05] (Name-Edited-Out) not too knowledgeable
[20:49:10] (Name-Edited-Out) why do you ask?
[20:49:29] (ProfGlitch) just curious.
[20:49:46] (ProfGlitch) can you do me a favor?
[20:50:00] (Name-Edited-Out) go on..
[20:50:08] (ProfGlitch) can you go to www.whatismyip.com and tell me what
it says
[20:51:58] (ProfGlitch) it will give you your IP address.
[20:52:03] (ProfGlitch) i would like to see it.
[20:52:30] (ProfGlitch) the web-based chat program that you are currently
on does not allow me to see it through an IRC /whois
[20:52:30] (Name-Edited-Out) why would you want my IP Address now?
[20:53:10] (ProfGlitch) it would allow me to enter it into my command
[20:53:30] (Name-Edited-Out) why do you want to do that?
[20:53:45] (ProfGlitch) i would like to execute a traceroute command.
[20:53:58] (Name-Edited-Out) to determine what precisely?
[20:54:16] (ProfGlitch) the general location of your connection.
[20:55:08] (Name-Edited-Out) and why would you want to do that?
[20:55:12] (ProfGlitch) suffice it to say, there are a few of us who have
a nagging suspicion about you.
[20:55:40] (Name-Edited-Out) and what may that be?
[20:55:40] (ProfGlitch) and while it would be reasonable to simply ask you
where you are coming from, there are quite a few people who have done the
same thing
[20:55:52] (ProfGlitch) and are quite well at acting the role
[20:55:55] (Name-Edited-Out) ah I see
[20:56:08] (Name-Edited-Out) don't worry I am no traitor
[20:56:11] (ProfGlitch) so, through the traceroute command, i could tell
for certain.
[20:56:40] (ProfGlitch) would you be so kind, now, as to give me your IP
[20:56:52] (Name-Edited-Out) I'm sorry, I hope you don't mind if I don't
[20:56:57] (Name-Edited-Out) nothing personal I assure you
[20:57:25] (ProfGlitch) hmm. very well, then.
[20:57:50] (ProfGlitch) there are a few of us who have been online 24/7
[20:58:12] (ProfGlitch) idling in #mugglenet since you said you visited
the channel prior.
[20:58:14] (Name-Edited-Out) that's impressive
[20:58:17] (ProfGlitch) logging everything
[20:58:24] (Name-Edited-Out) ok..
[20:58:25] (ProfGlitch) reviewing hostnames and idents
[20:58:34] (ProfGlitch) hoping to find you when you returned.
[20:58:51] (ProfGlitch) there are three of us who believe the search may
be over.
[20:58:57] (ProfGlitch) ...can you confirm this? =)
[20:59:06] (Name-Edited-Out) who are these three?:)
[20:59:28] (Name-Edited-Out) and whatever would make you even in the
slightest suspicious?
[21:00:05] (ProfGlitch) lets just say there arent many imposters from
london.02.net and who can formulate a proper grammatical sentence
[21:00:20] (ProfGlitch) to have had visited here.
[21:00:29] (Name-Edited-Out) oh dear
[21:01:42] (Name-Edited-Out) are you one of the people who manage this
[21:01:50] (ProfGlitch) in a way.
[21:01:53] (ProfGlitch) i am not official staff.
[21:02:13] (ProfGlitch) however, as i am a hacker (and one who has
defended this chatroom from more than one attack)
[21:02:17] (Name-Edited-Out) would you mind telling me who the other two
are that you mentioned?
[21:02:19] (ProfGlitch) i am as good as a staff member in some cases.
[21:02:35] (ProfGlitch) miya is one of them, and the other one wants to
stay anonymous for now
[21:02:49] (Name-Edited-Out) i didn't realise it was so liable to attack
[21:03:01] (ProfGlitch) its been attacked four times in the last month =\
[21:03:11] (Name-Edited-Out) oh dear
[21:03:22] (ProfGlitch) with popularity, comes vulnerability
[21:03:29] (ProfGlitch) it is a trade-off they have to accept
[21:03:42] (Name-Edited-Out) Indeed
[21:05:18] (ProfGlitch) im curious...
[21:05:35] (Name-Edited-Out) ... as to?
[21:06:09] (ProfGlitch) did lightspeed ever indicate to you that the main
flash hub (on your domain) appears to be tailor-made for hackers to
decrypt and analyze?
[21:07:03] (ProfGlitch) we had this theory that you must have had known
there would be those of us who would try to get information the average
person wouldnt be able to access
[21:07:09] (ProfGlitch) so lightspeed threw us a bone
[21:07:27] (Name-Edited-Out) I'm afraid I can't answer that
[21:07:40] (ProfGlitch) you cant, or you wont?
[21:07:44] (ProfGlitch) theres a difference =)
[21:07:52] (Name-Edited-Out) there is indeed
[21:07:55] (Name-Edited-Out) :)
[21:08:18] (Name-Edited-Out) I think it would be best for me to leave you
to work that out
[21:08:28] (ProfGlitch) understood
[21:09:28] (ProfGlitch) so, since you were ignored the first time around
[21:09:34] (ProfGlitch) care to discuss theory? ;)
[21:09:47] (Name-Edited-Out) I think I've spent a little too much time
[21:10:01] (ProfGlitch) aww.
[21:10:16] (ProfGlitch) will you make us wait another ...two months before
you return?
[21:10:31] (ProfGlitch) err
[21:10:33] (ProfGlitch) make that five
[21:10:39] (Name-Edited-Out) you'll probably see me in one form or another
[21:11:24] (ProfGlitch) very well
[21:11:30] (ProfGlitch) i shall look forward to that, then.
[21:11:41] (Name-Edited-Out) bye now
[21:11:43] * ProfGlitch bows
[21:11:48] (ProfGlitch) p.s.
[21:11:59] (ProfGlitch) keep up the good work =)
[21:12:13] (Name-Edited-Out) Thank you


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2004-08-07 09:50 (link)
Wow..that is quite impressive. And about the best use of IRC logging I've
seen in ages. ;) Well done you!

It's all pretty brilliant if you ask me, though I'd really love to know
what's so significant about the scar besides the obvious connection and
the shape...The color? The location? Of course it's almost 6am and that
may have something to do with my lack of coherence.

Nonetheless, fantastic job on collecting all this. I hope it is her--we'll
have to check one day when we have Book 7 if the last lines this person
gave are a good match for the real ending. :)
(Reply to this)

2004-08-07 10:06 (link)
I still refuse to think Professor Snape is evil. I don't care what she
says, if that is her. It would absolutely suck if he turned out to be
evil. Seriously, that would be the shittest thing ever.

"Wow, the person everyone thought was bad turned out to be bad! Whoever
would have suspected?"


And I really don't fancy the idea of Remus as Half-Blood Prince, but
that's because I really can't bring myself to give a crap about him. He's
so wet, and you know it'll just be like this.

Rubbish!Snape: HURR YUO = HALFBLOOD.
Wet!Remus: Oh, I will be noble and Rise Above It. And the text will make
sure to emphasise how noble I am every half-sentence.


Also, is anyone else not getting odd ideas regarding Harry hooking up with
Ginny, just because she looks like his mother? Does no-one else think
"Oedipus" here? "Harry Potter and the Oedipus Complex" - that's book seven
for you.

As for Sirius coming back, I think it's absolutely inevitable that they
will find some way to communicate with the dead by book seven. Someone is
going to turn out to be a medium (probably Harry, yawn), and Sirius will
talk to them all in Spirit form.
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2004-08-07 10:15 (link)
Thing is, why would JKR want to drop any more hints than she already has
done? Especially when she's said that there's that one thing she hopes no
one guesses.
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(no subject) - quidditchmaster, 2004-08-07 10:19:30
(no subject) - vvvexation, 2004-08-07 19:24:30
(no subject) - quidditchmaster, 2004-08-07 10:20:29

2004-08-07 10:28 (link)
so... Lupin is the Half Blood Prince? That makes sense, and kinda makes me
happy too. :)
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2004-08-07 11:42 (link)

She WOULD do all that to us, wouldn't she?

Oh well. Maybe Hermione'll divorce Ron down the line.
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(no subject) - i_smile, 2004-08-08 02:51:30

2004-08-07 14:09 (link)
[21:01:42] (Name-Edited-Out) are you one of the people who manage this
[21:01:50] (ProfGlitch) in a way.
[21:01:53] (ProfGlitch) i am not official staff.

You are not even an unofficial staff. :)

~Cindy, Mugglenet chat official staff~
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2004-08-07 14:17 (link)

and when in the world is it mentioned that there's something important
about the scar? besides the shape?

this is crazy insane. i'm going to have to bookmark this and look up a
bunch of this stuff.

must... figure out... anagram,,, if dumbledore's name....
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2004-08-07 15:05 (link)
Wow, that's a lot of chat-age
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2004-08-07 15:22 (link)
That is CRAZY interesting. You know, even if this MysteryFan wasn't
JKR...she still brought up interesting points.

I, for one, HEART the idea of Lupin as the HBP, because I LOVE Lupin, and
am dying to know more about him.

The hints at Ron being evil piss me off. And she should die if she does
that to me.


It astonishes me how mean some people are. Insulting someone like that.
Even if she WASN'T JKR, it's still mean. The fact that there is such a
good possibility that it IS...*smirk* I say we deny them the seventh book.

Ahh, Sirius. We know you'll come back to us! *snuggles Stubby*

Really, that was a great read. Fake or not, it was quite sleuthy. If that
wasn't JKR, we should find that fan and give them 10000002 props for being
so impressive. If it was JKR, we should all squeal and read GoF #9 over
and over and over...

And work on that anagram ;)
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2004-08-07 15:28 (link)
If this person is JKR, as seems not unlikely, then I think we're meant to
believe that Remus is probably the HBP. It's the name hint: Remus, the
original, was a half-god prince of Rome. She's never missed out on a name
allusion before, and she did promise more Remus (squee!)...

Maybe I just want her to be JKR because she's backing up my pet theories.

Is Sirius really dead, if the dead will not return after their book? Could
it be true that Remus is the half-blood prince, as his name suggests? (Is
there anyone else whose name supports their being the HBP? I haven't
checked) Does Harry's scar mean something else...like the brand of Cain?
Voldemort could now be considered Harry's 'blood brother'. Could this mean

Ack! Too many theories! Help!
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2004-08-07 17:15 (link)
^see icon <3

mmm... i love that some of my theories could be true, but... but, nooooooo
i refuse to believe ron will die or turn evil, or that snape would [insert
more denial] and not R/Hr noooooooooooooo!

working on dumbledore anagram... and of course this machine gave me 11644
words to go through *dies*!
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(no subject) - emoon, 2004-08-07 17:22:03
(no subject) - emoon, 2004-08-07 18:48:18
(no subject) - jupitergal23, 2004-08-07 17:26:50
(no subject) - emoon, 2004-08-07 17:42:28
(no subject) - jupitergal23, 2004-08-07 17:51:03
(no subject) - emoon, 2004-08-07 17:55:20

2004-08-07 19:12 (link)
*Worships you for the hard work* We'll all be analyzing this like mad.
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2004-08-07 20:28 (link)
I've actually thought for a while that Ron might be the one to "turn bad,"
so to speak...he has so much pent-up bitterness. Also....didn't JKR
mention on her site that she went into the mugglenet chatrooms...and
talked about SpongeBob??

That would be the coolest thing ever if this is really her.
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2004-08-07 20:40 (link)
The fact that she doesn't use capitals or proper punctuation in this chat,
but uses them in official press chats, is very, very suspicious. She says
"thankx" at one point. She also uses excessive question marks. She calls
herself "JKR"? I don't know, I'm not saying you're lying and that you've
made this up, it's just very... odd.
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(no subject) - quidditchmaster, 2004-08-07 21:24:55
(no subject) - threnody, 2004-08-08 00:37:35
(no subject) - kamilaa, 2004-08-08 02:12:52
(no subject) - _megalomania_, 2004-08-08 03:17:03
(no subject) - kamilaa, 2004-08-08 03:30:09
(no subject) - _megalomania_, 2004-08-08 03:42:26
(no subject) - kamilaa, 2004-08-08 04:00:56
(no subject) - elian_gonzalez, 2004-08-08 05:28:10
(no subject) - maddog_once, 2004-08-08 14:56:13

2004-08-07 21:31 (link)
([Name Edited]) Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore now THAT is a HUGE
anagram waiting to be solved..... any takers???

Ummm, how's about: "I am Lord Voldemort's mother-in-law and I'll kick your
butt! Now go wash your hands before supper!" :D j/k

I'm not sure if this user is the real McCoy. If it *is* JKR, then I'd say
she must be tipsy getting online and messing around like that. Maybe she
just wants to throw everyone off with her "Remus is HALFBLOOD" rantings.
She's baiting people instead of lurking to find out if we're on to her. I
mean, if she's so keen on no one figuring out her overall plot, then she
really ought to be a little more tight lipped. So I guess I don't believe
what this user said even if it were JKR.
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2004-08-07 22:36 (link)
that's very interesting! but i would have kept quiet about knowing *if* it
was her- now she'll just have to come under a new name, no?
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(no subject) - shadiness, 2004-08-08 02:55:24
(no subject) - montypythonnerd, 2004-08-08 04:53:59

2004-08-08 00:07 (link)
Wow this is great!

Just one question, did she go into talking about Spongebob after that?
Since she said that she got into a lot of discussion about him or
something like that.
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2004-08-08 00:29 (link)
Here via daily_snitch.

I think that's quite fascinating. Granted, it could just be some rather
intelligent fan playing mind games with you all, but I don't know...

Someone mentioned that it was odd that she used improper punctuation and
said things like "thanx." Well, all I can say is that if I were a famous
author trying to pass as a fan, I'd definitely try to tone it down. I'm
sure it would be a major tip-off if someone not only acted cryptic like JK
but typed like her too. Many fans (unfortunately) use chatspeak and omit
punctuation; I'd do it too if I were trying to blend in--do you see what
I'm saying?

Remus as the Half-Blood Prince, hm? That'd be interesting; I hadn't
considered that. But I hope the mention of Harry/Ginny was just that, a
mention. :/
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(no subject) - tenshiusagi, 2004-08-08 04:08:34
(no subject) - punkybunny, 2004-08-08 04:49:32
(no subject) - quidditchmaster, 2004-08-08 05:10:21
(no subject) - tenshiusagi, 2004-08-08 05:15:59

2004-08-08 00:42 (link)
Interesting. You had me going for a couple of minutes, but then I noticed
the errors with the grammar and realized that we met Lupin in book 3, not
2 (which on Rowling's site seems to be the book with the clues in
reference to the HBP.) I don't believe this person to be JKR because of
those reasons, and am glad for it.
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2004-08-08 00:58 (link)
Wow. Huh.

Thanks for all that. Must've taken a lot of work. (And I can't help but
think you might have left out some bits to keep for yourself ;)
(Reply to this)

2004-08-08 01:18 (link)
hmmm, very, very interesting. At points I didn't belive it because of the
grammar errors and what not. I don't know if I should believe it or not.
It could of course just be an intelligent fan of course. The person said
"thanx" that bothers me. But then again what if she was doing that on
purpose...to blend in? Ahhh so many questions!

Lupin as the HBP. Intersting. And what about the whole Sirius deal? Is he
dead or not?

And H/G and R/Hr. Typical. So typical.

Good job on collecting all this info, I appreciate it whether it or it
isn't JKR. :)

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2004-08-08 02:03 (link)
Honestly? I am doubting your claim that this is 98% JKR.

First of all, for someone who is just checking out fan responses Name
Edited is quite persistenly mentioning Rowling visiting this very
chatroom. I am also curious why Rowling would need to call Lupin the HPB
all in caps. She is also very inconsistently referring to "herself" -
there is "JK", there is "JKR" and "JK Rowling" - but I can see how this
could be turned into an argument for the Name Edited=JKR theory.

It's also amazing to note that for someone who has forgotten that she
promised "Icicle" in a B&N chat in 1999, she is very capable of quoting
"herself" fluently.

And as for the rest... many people have a IP addresses in London, UK
powered by BT (All IP address of london.02.net hostnames using Google
start with 193.113. A ripe whois on 193.113. leads you to the very large
BT. (There is also an obvious connection to o2, but it's late and you can
sort it out for yourself.) I am not sure whether there are proxies one can
use to end up with a london.02.net hostname, but it's not unlikely.) And
opposed to your assumption, many of these people can spell and form
coherent sentences. And yes, most people with IP addresses in the UK spell
"realise" as "realise" instead of "realize".

But my most important nitpick is this one: Why would Ms. Rowling want to
reveal what's going to happen in her next two books?

At the end of the day I think that even if - and that's a very big if -
this is Ms. Rowling, then everything she said here, should be taken not
only with a grain of salt, but also the whole Dead Sea.
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(no subject) - quidditchmaster, 2004-08-08 02:20:53
(no subject) - no_remorse, 2004-08-08 07:57:27
(no subject) - quidditchmaster, 2004-08-08 08:45:45
(no subject) - pedantic_celia, 2004-08-08 15:02:08

2004-08-08 03:28 (link)
Interesting, but I'm not buying it. Mainly because [Name Edited] is just
regurgitating popular theories. Plus, JKR likes to mess with out minds. If
it IS HER, I would more likely think the opposite of whatever this person

But, great work. Thanks for putting the time in. It was an interesting

*thinks about joining mugglenet chat room*


(Reply to this)

2004-08-08 04:00 (link)
Thanks for all the hard work you put in compiling this.

I don't know who it is, one way or the other, but s/he has put lots of
ideas in my head.

Look forward to Book 6 to see if these pan out.
(Reply to this)

2004-08-08 04:04 (link)

The conspiracy theorist in me want's to believe whole heartedly that this
is indeed JKR poking at us fans, throwing us red herrings and slyly
pushing us in the right direction.

The rational side of me wants to believe that this is not JKR, but a
person who has a fantastic nose for the HP universe and has come up with
quite a few of their own theories.

All and all, props to you for this fantastic undertaking. ^_^ And I will
persist in hoping that it is JKR throwing us off the track while giving us
clues, even if I can't bring myself to completely believe it yet.
(Reply to this)

2004-08-20 07:56:31 UTC
(For those who don't know the some people believe that JKR has been chatting
in mugglenet).

Firstly the person who logged the chats brutally cut them up and took out a
lot of things that most people have never read. These include things like
the would-be-JKR being flat our wrong about facts in her own books. His
credibility is immediately dubious.

The person who logged the chats also private messaged the would-be JKR and
asks her for her IP address so he can do a traceroute. He then claims he is
a hacker who has prevented the room from invasion. He asks here to goto
whatismpip.com but she refuses.

There are many other ways to get someones IP address than ask them to go to
that site. The oldest one is the book is get them to connect to your website
where you can grab it easily, like say "what do you think of this theory at:
www.mysite.com". Then you can quite simply log their IP... very simple stuff
here. I run a small website for HP and log the IP address of everyone who
connects. The author is clearly not a hacker. Understanding of
traceroute/ping etc. does not make you a hacker. If he used the host ident
to find a server along the path to JKR's connection and set up a packet
sniffer there and used it to find packets going to her then yes he would be
a hacker, but he didn't do anything remotely as difficult as this. He ain't
a hacker, he is an attention whore or someone who is extremely ignorant.
Anyway he claims that the person is JKR so lets see what this 'JKR' had to

Lets review what they claim JKR is saying (from the logs):
-Percy actually IS under a curse in OotP (even though the real JKR has
refuted this during in-person chats).
-The halfblood prince is Lupin.
-There is something extremely important in GoF chapter 9.
-There is some kind of conspiracy between Voldemort and a good main
character. It is even hinted at 'evil' Ron or possibly Dumbledore.
-This is something between Ron and Hermione (obviously)
-There is something between Harry and Ginny (extremely douptful and semi
refuted by JKR during in-person chats. She pretty much said that she didn't
know where people saw the connection).
-Bellitrix (spelling!) will kill Ron because of the chess game in PS/SS

At some parts her grammar is execptionally bad. She constantly uses lower
case except on nouns, any nouns, even nouns for common objects that would
normally go uncapitalised, indicating that she doesn't usually type the
names. The person quotes the books incorrectly, missing or mutating words. I
highly doupt JKR would do that.

Several of her 'citing are just plain wrong and indicate that the person has
miss-read the books. In CoS the children are taken to greenhouse 3, having
only ever been in greenhouse 1. She says that something is up here because
they skipped the second year greenhouse - and suggests that someone
(Dumbledore?) knew that mandrake would be needed. Of course if you actually
read the books there is no mention of their being a green house for each
year, nor any mention of them actually skipping a greenhouse. All that is
mentioned is that they went to greenhouse 3 instead of 1. There is no
suggestion that there are more than 3 greenhouses either since 3 was
supposed to house with the much more dangerous plants, what else is there?
No other greenhouse numbers have been mentioned in future books either.

There are many other examples like this where the fake JKR is clearly wrong.
Of course this greenhouse part is mysteriously absent from the 'logs'
because the person who constructed them has removed these parts. Of course
you can always get a full log of what happened when you are idle in the room
24/7 ;-)
2004-08-20 11:53:02 UTC
Yes! Brilliant! Thanks.